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Your satisfaction is our success. It is the service concept of Thunder International. Our values service and believes it is with the same importance as the quality of our products. We have the ability to supply high-quality and considerate service throughout the whole process of pre-sale, on-purchase and after-sale phases of every customer.

Pre-sale Service

1. Supply professional consultancy and help the customer to select their ideal type of machines.

2. Have the professional technical personnel to help with the site planning and make sure the specific parameters and specification of the machine in accordance with the actual demand of the customers.

3. Provide a customizing service.

On-Purchase Service

1. Strict production line of every part of the machine.

2. The department of sales, techniques, production and quality control are racking the whole process of production.

3. Report the manufacturing process to the customer regularly.

4. Make sure the equipment is delivered without any problems.

5. Strong ability to handle and solve the sudden issues during production and commissioning.

After-sale Service

We emphasize the after-sale service because of the huge importance of it for the customers. Thunder International has set up a professional After-sales Service Center, where the service files of all the customers are well-recorded as a reference for our detailed service contents.

The main responsibilities of the After-sales Service Center include,

1. Installation, Commissioning and Acceptance Instruction

  • Send specialized after-sales engineers to help the customers with the installation and commissioning of the equipment.
  • After the installation and commissioning are done, give a return visit for every equipment we have installed.

2. Providing the Technical Materials, Term of Service and Technical Service

  • Certification of Approval, Operation Instruction, Technical Specification of Maintenance of every machine.
  • Random spare parts and tools and technical consultancy service.
  • Lifetime service support for the machine.

3. Provide maintenance accessories and parts in-time.

4. Provide 24 hours and 7 days online service for the customers.



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