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2019 Bangkok International Building Materials Exhibition

The 33rd Bangkok International Building Materials Exhibition (Architect Expo) will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from April 30th to May 5th. The exhibition has been successfully held for 32 sessions. Every year, it attracts many professional visitors and exhibitors to seek cooperation opportunities. It is the most effective way for exhibitors from all over the world to showcase high-tech, products and services to the audience in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

The Architect Expo is the largest exhibition of building materials and construction machinery in the ASEAN region. It is also the most professional, trade-oriented, most authoritative and important exhibition in Thailand.

The Thailand Building Materials Exhibition focuses on exhibitors and professional buyers according to product divisions, audiences and professionals, multi-channel exhibition promotion methods and quality and effective services to expand customers and understand the latest development trends in the region and industry.

The exhibition held the ASEAN (Thailand) Building Materials Market Analysis Summit Forum at the same time, inviting professional buyers, the Thai Building Materials Industry Association, and Chinese exhibitors to participate together. Buyers and enterprises directly docked, and enterprises and enterprises connected.

At the exhibition, a sweepstakes event (with more than 2,000,000 baht awards) was set up to attract the audience. Regular press releases, local and international publications, and invitations to local and overseas target customers in Thailand, widely publicize and publish advertisements, TV broadcasts and news emails in mainstream commercial trade journals.


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