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  • Expandable container house

    From the conception of the project, design to production, construction and installation, we take the customer as the center, to provide customers with the most scientific, the most reasonable, the mos

  • Flat pack container house

    We provides different configurations of packaged container housing. Can meet customers for living, canteen, office, hotel and mobile toilet and other needs.

  • Folding container house

    We offers high quality folding container houses. Can meet the needs of customers for residence, canteens, offices, hotels and mobile toilets.

  • Shipping container house

    Shipping Container House refers to a container house transformed from a shipping container. It can be widely used in hotels, offices, shops, residential and mobile toilets.

  • Sliding out container house

    The modular container house is very convenient as it is portable, sliding out expandable, very suitable to use as show room, small hotels, shops, holiday village, etc.

  • Container shop

    Small container shop, tiny house for sale, benefits of shipping container house design, easy touse and construct, environment friendly, better quality construction, energy efficiency.