Magnesium sulfate board production line

  • Magnesium sulfate board production line
  • Magnesium sulfate board production line
  • Magnesium sulfate board production line
  • Magnesium sulfate board production line
  • Magnesium sulfate board production line
  • Magnesium sulfate board production line
Magnesium sulfate board production lineMagnesium sulfate board production lineMagnesium sulfate board production lineMagnesium sulfate board production lineMagnesium sulfate board production lineMagnesium sulfate board production line

Magnesium sulfate board production line

  • Production Capacity:Max 2000pieces/shift, adjustable
  • Site Area ≥5000sqm, Height≥7m
  • Production capacity: Max 2000pieces/shift, adjustable
  • Board size: 2440-3050mmx1220normally, can be adjusted
  • Description: Magnesium sulfate board production line / MgSO4 board production line

Product Description:

Features of Mgo production line:

1.Our Magnesium sulfate board machines are high configuration, low failure rate and long service life, no need repair again and again .

2.Our produce line can produce both Non-woven Magnesium sulfate board and sanding Magnesium sulfate board to help customer meet different market demand.

3.We have unique twice curing process to ensure stable performance of the finished products.

4.Our main parts are international famous brands.

5.We have a short machine testing time 10-15days to help you save raw materials cost.

6. Unique Mgo production technology formula to help you occupy more market.

Details of the Magnesium sulfate board production line:

1.Double shaft mixer.

Function:using unique double shaft mixer, ensuring mixing evenly and no blocking.

2.Electrical mould feeding machine

The principle of vacuum is adopted, which uses the vacuum negative pressure to "adsorpt" artifacts in order to achieve the purpose of the clamping workpiece. Moving the mould onto the conveyor for stand-by, feeding ABS board automatically without the manual work, which can reduce the labor intensity, improving working efficiency and lengthen the moulds service life.

3.Automatic oiling machine

Function and characteristics:Automatically smearing the release agent on the surface of the mould, smearing evenly, less usage amount, and can avoid sticky. A pair of close touched oil roller form a sealed cavity, mold release agent is stored in the sealed cavity. One oil roller is made of steel, another is rubber roller. When oiling, the oil roller rotates and adheres the release agent sealed cavityon onto the rubber roller, the mould entering to the underneath of the rotating oil glue roller by conveying, and thenthe release agent adhered on the rubber roller is applied onto the mould surface.

4.PLC automatic controlling system for board making machine

Function and characteristics:Built-in adjustable program for automatically controlling the mould feeding, gluing, and forming processes. It combines the automatic control technology, sensor technology, computer management technology in the integration of mechanical and electrical integration system, having advantages such as high controlling precision, etc.

5.Forming system

Equipment function and characteristics:Consisting of all the configuration for automatically feeding slurry, automatically laying cloth, automatically flatting and forming one-time.

6.Finishing system

Equipment function and characteristics: Extruding formed board secondary, so as to make the board surface more flat, smooth, uniform thickness.

7.Platform of steel-structure

Equipment function and characteristics:Placing mixing and measuring system, consisting of planking, primary and secondary beams, columns, and ladders, railings.

8. Board receiving machine

The wet board will enter the automatic receiving system after has been cut with presetting length. This system adopted microcomputer and double elevators.The wet board with moldboard will enter the curing transporter layer by layer following the order of the microcomputer twenty boards with one curing transporter, and the double elevator achieve process production and volume-produce through alternate use.

9.Stackers with trackway

This set of production line is equipped with four trackway,each way can be placed multiple curing transporters and processed solidifying here. The multiple trackway system can meet the purpose of volume-produce.

10.Demoulding machine

This demoulding machine separately absorbs Mgo boards and ABS mould board with a vacuum device. It puts Mgo board and ABS mould into respective stacking machine separately.

Process of the Mganesium sulfate board production line:

Packing and delivery:

Our service:

1. Our company has professional installation & debug teams.

We will install and test the production line at the customers' place until the equipment produces the qualified products.

2. We supply the accessories all the year round.The guarantee time of the equipment is one year.

3. We are responsible for the technical consultation and service all the year around and solve all kinds of technical problems at any time.

4. We can help the customer to do the consignment and the relevant procedure for import and export.

5.If the buyer can not run the machine well then we will send the production engineers to help the buyer to run the machine,and we can cooperate for long terms.